Longest Night 12

The first CVC Longest Night of 2016 is just over a week away now Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th Feb.

Times have changed. Start Saturday at 09:00 and finish Sunday at 18:00.

Costs are the same as last Longest Night.
Arrive Sat 09:00 – Sun 08:00 £5 or £2+monthly
Arrive Sun 08:00 – Sun 12:00 £4 or £1+monthly
Arrive Sun 12:00 – Sun 18:00 £3 or monthly
Any under 18’s that want to stay overnight need to have a parent/guardian confirm with Byron Liles.

Don’t forget if you’re taking part in the Warhammer Blood in the badlands campaign setup / first turn will take place around 9pm on the Saturday.  You will need to bring 3 army markers, a city, keep & mine marker and a few “pins” to use as territory markers.  All painted please, we’ve spent a lot of effort on the board (and it looks amazing thanks to Shaun) so we want well presented markers to go on it.
I’ll bring some mines/cities/keeps down on Sunday for you to grab if you haven;t already, I still have a lot left so there must be a few of you who still need some.  Full details can be found in the appropriate forum posts.

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