Malifaux Climbable Terrain

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slim chaney
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Malifaux Climbable Terrain

Post by slim chaney » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:00 am

The rulebook is a little ambiguous about climbable terrain so just wondering how the club will be playing it going forward.

The rulebook says half walk speed. So how does a models with walk 4 climb 5 inches? Is it left suspended in the air? If so, can it be charged? What if the attacker has a trigger allowing them to move 4 inches away after attacking? Is that 2 inches, can it go up and down? Could it go 4 inches straight out and grab another building. If an attack pushes a target 3 inches can that be straight out and then there's falling damage.

Here's the big one, should buildings be classed as climbable. I ask as the rulebook lists ladders as having the climbable trait. Put a ladder/fire escape on the outside of a building and it becomes pointless. I can understand stopping half way on a ladder, shooting out, even swordfighting on a ladder.

I think you can see my take on this, buildings shouldn't be climbable due to the ambiguity and interpretation, unless they have a defined climbing area. Pg 75 (mini-book) lists buildings as "enclosed, impossible, blocking and hard cover", which means that they can't be entered. The same page states "buildings might have climbable areas(if the walls have hand holds)".

What are people's thoughts on this? I'd rather debate it here than mid-game :D

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Re: Malifaux Climbable Terrain

Post by Nazghallion » Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:41 am

Having read the rule book it appears to come from game to game. Suiting the narrative feel I get from the rules I think it should depend on the building. E.g. Western style building would be more modern so needs a ladder as its new and handholds are hard to come by whereas stone buildings would be ancient if well crafted so hand holds would of appeared over the years. With the stopping halfway it appears possible and that you can shoot/cast magic while elevated but the only way to melee would be from the same position. I think melee is the main ambiguous part so will leave that to you guys as you've played more. Been chatting to the local malifaux henchman want me to run it past him?

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Re: Malifaux Climbable Terrain

Post by Gareth » Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:53 pm

A piece of terrain can be given the Climable trait (you should agree terrain traits before you start playing). Malifaux seems very much to leave terrain definition to the players ad just gives you a set of tool (terrain traits) to allow you to define each piece on the table.

As you say climbing is at half your walk speed and from the FAQ
44) Q: Can a model end its move halfway up a Climbable surface? Is it possible for the model to
end its move suspended in mid-air if the base does not fit on the terrain, and the terrain has the
Climbable trait?
A: Technically, yes. However, players define their own terrain before the game. It is likely best to only define
things as “Climbable” which are actually Climbable (i.e. stairs, ladders, steep hills, etc). If you choose to define
a sheer, vertical cliff as Climbable you can have the odd situation of a model suspended in mid-air, but this
is no different than defining a solid, 6” tall rock as Severe terrain and then having difficulty in balancing your
models on it; it likely should have just been defined as impassable, be careful how you define terrain.

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