Infinity Tournament Results

Yesterday CVC held another Infinity Tournament.   We had a good turn out with 9 of us turning up to play.  In the interest of avoiding a bye, we decided to run an 8 man tournament so Chris kindly volunteered to drop out.  plus I’m not sure we could manage another table … yet 🙂

To start I need to apologise for my dice rolls, it seems I’ve been a very good boy lately and the dice gods were smiling down on me.   Actually that’s an understatement, I really should have bought a lottery ticket on the way home, I could have walked through a minefield unscathed yesterday I think.

I used my Steel Phalanx as usual but I went with a Hector list as he’s my new favourite character.

Game 1 Supremacy vs Joshs Tohaa

First 3 orders, 3 shots, 3 crits, 3 kills and it continued in that vein…. Sorry Josh and no you still cant burn my dice.

Game 2 “The Armoury” vs Daves Onyx Contact Force

What a mess, neither of us wanted to open the doors to the objective room for fear of getting annihilated,  well I tried but failed 3 times in a  row.  Dave finally opened the door on turn 2 and took a barrage of fire, allowing the Phalanx to take control of the room.   Dave managed to kill Hector though on my last order….I hate total reaction drones.

Game 3 Decapitation vs Kierans Shock Army of Acontecimento

Looked like my luck was changing, Hector coming under heavy fire at the beginning from a Dragoes and taking 2 crits to the face with a few other hits to boot.  Luckily his armour held and he ducked back into cover.  Phoenix showed his mettle taking down the TAG with some well placed reactive rockets, before he and Machaon moved up the left flank to “mop up” the rest of the Pan O stragglers.

Brilliant day, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, and it’s really great to see so many people playing Infinity.

I’ll leave you with the final results and some pics of the 4 tables we played on.


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