Welcome to Crow Valley Crusaders.

Please feel free to tell people about us and point them in the direction of the forum.

The club meets twice weekly. Meetings are Sundays from 12 noon until 6 pm and Thursdays 4 pm until 10pm. Your first visit to the club is free and after that there is a weekly fee of £3 or the option to pay £10 for the month.

The club is held at:

Glenside Community Hall
NP44 1BNs.

CVC Commitee

A quick introduction to the CVC committee. The committee is made up of 5 members. We have three named positions; chairman, secretary and treasurer, plus two general positions. If you want to find them on the forum each committee member is a Global moderator.

Chairman – Byron Liles (Byron)
Secretary – Shaun Beckett (Althran03)
Treasurer – Gareth Jones (Rawrgh)
General – Chris Lear  (Chanda)
General – Scott Williams (Darkside)